Gleyber David Torres Castro plays shortstop and second base for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball. He was born in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas on December 13, 1996. On April 22, 2018, he made his Major League Baseball debut.

His parents, Eusebio Torres and Ibelise Castro, raised Torres in Caracas. Because of the distinctiveness of the name “Qleyber,” his father chose to name his son Torres after it. Torres was raised in a middle-class family.

In the face of frequent food shortages, high crime, and widespread violence, life at home degraded into turmoil, with many citizens rebelling against the government.

At the age of four, Torres began playing baseball as a center fielder, catcher, pitcher, and finally a shortstop in a team that included his father.

As a child, he would watch baseball games on television and idolize Omar Vizquel, who was his favorite player. In high school, Torres also tried his hand at basketball, but his father insisted that he focus on baseball instead.

After noticing Torres’ talent, academies expressed a desire to assist him in achieving his professional goals. After moving to Maracay at the age of 14, Torres enrolled in an academy with connections to MLB scouts. He was approached by the Chicago Cubs and signed a contract with the franchise.

Gleyber Torres Jersey Number:

Gleyber Torres wears the number 25 Jersey

Is Torres still a Yankee?

Yes, Gleyber Torres has been with the New York Yankees since 2018


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