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Hagen Danner Scouting Report

Hagen Jarrell Danner (born September 30, 1998) is a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball. On Major League Baseball’s Top 30 Blue Jays Prospects list for 2022, he is placed 30th.

Hagen Danner Scouting Report

Hagen is an excellent defensive catcher with a strong arm, superb mobility, and quickness. His throws have also exhibited good pop-time.

He boasts excellent raw power as a hitter, but some doubt his bat speed and believe he is overly reliant on pulling pitches.

He possesses below-average speed, as do most catchers. Overall, if he can stay behind the plate, his offense should be good enough to play in the majors.

On the mound, he’s thought to have a little more upside. He throws from a high arm slot and has demonstrated the ability to repeat his delivery.

He has a terrific fastball with exceptional life that sits in the mid-90s. In addition to his fastball, he has a decent 12-6 curveball and a good fade changeup. His changeup is now rated as an average pitch, but many believe it will improve to above-average in the near future.

Danner is believed to have outstanding mechanics and has good control of all his pitches. He has some command issues, but he’s not as raw on the pitch as you’d anticipate from a guy who splits his attention between two positions.

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