Donald Arthur Mattingly was born on April 20, 1961, in the city of Evansville, in the province of Indiana, United States. In his expert baseball coaching and the executives’ career, he is generally perceived for his work with the Miami Marlins. He has likewise worked with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He spent the majority of his playing time with the New York Yankees. All of his efforts have added to the increment in his total assets that he currently appreciates.

Besides massive wealth as a baseball executive, we do know that he has been married twice. So in this article, we unravel Don Mattingly’s ex-wife, Kim Sexton, and see why their marriage ended.

Has Don Mattingly Re-marry after divorce?

Yes, Don Mattingly has remarried after divorcing his first wife, Kim Sexton. Don and Kim first met on a bus ride to the tiny town of Madisonville, Kentucky, in 1976. Around then, she was a student at North High School, and Don was heading out to an American Legion game. She was at the game, going with her dad, who was the coach of the team.

The pair felt a moment of affection and began seeing one another. They dated for a very long time, and on September 8, 1979, they traded the promises. At the hour of their marriage, Kim was 17, while her better half was 18 years of age. After their marriage, the couple moved to the Instructional League in Bradenton, Florida. There, the lovely pair lived in a small apartment and ate too many cheese sandwiches and baloney.

Kim and Don’s relationship appeared picture-amazing in view of which many were stunned after they declared their separation. In the wake of being married for a very long time, the couple’s blissful marital life came to an end. On November 14, 2007, Don Mattingly’s ex petitioned for the separation, referring to hostile contrasts, which was the main explanation expected to end a marriage in Indiana.

Albeit the separation was finished and everything was settled, things really started to get chaotic two months after the fact. The ex-lover welcomed two children before their separation.

Who Is Don Mattingly’s New Wife Lori Mattingly?

Don Mattingly is married to his new wife, Lori Mattingly. The couple married on December 10, 2010, and held their wedding ceremony in his hometown of Evansville, Indiana, which their friends and family attended. As of 2022, it has been 12 years since Don and Lori Mattingly.

Lori was formerly married to Andrew J. Manion, with whom she had exchanged vows on March 1, 1997. While they were together, they gave birth to two children. Lori, brought forth her oldest child, Reynolds Manion, in November 1997, and her subsequent child, Isaac Manion, in March 2000, with her first spouse.

Presently, Lori is the Co-Chair of the Mattingly Charities, where he fills in as the seat. The couple established the not-for-profit association in North Haven, Connecticut, in 2007, with a unique mission to concede assets for softball or baseball hardware and other youth improvement managers for the underserved youth.

Eight years after its foundation, in 2015, the association moved its central command to Don and Lori’s old neighborhood, Evansville, Indiana. They moved the association as per their craving to serve underserved kids in the Evansville region. It additionally collaborates with numerous different associations in Evansville, which has comparable missions to them.


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