Henny Vrienten was a Dutch musician best known as the singer and bassist of the popular 1980s ska-pop band Doe Maar. He also composed television and film scores.

Henny Vrienten rose to prominence after joining the Dutch band Doe Maar, despite having previously released a solo album under a pseudonym.

Henny Vrienten Ex-Wife, Charlotte Fischer
Henny Vrienten Ex-Wife, Charlotte Fischer

He and Ernst Jansz, who appeared younger than their actual age of 32, became young idols.

The fame, which resulted in fainting females during sold-out mega-concerts, became too much for the music group, and when promotion ceased and the number of concerts decreased, the members of the band decided to dissolve in 1984.

Vrienten is currently working as a composer and producer of film music. He continues to release solo albums, but keeps the promotion to a minimum.

Henny Vrienten Ex-Wife, Who Is Charlotte Fischer?

Before his death on April 25, 2022, Henny Vrienten had an ex-wife named Charlotte Fischer.

All You Need To Know About Charlotte Fischer

Charlotte Fischer is known as the previous wife of late Dutch musician Henny Vrienten. She married Henny in the year 1984.

The couple went separate ways in 2000 for reasons best known to them. Since her divorce from Henny, Charlotte has kept her personal life away from the spotlight.


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