Henny Vrienten was a Dutch musician best known as the singer and bassist of the popular 1980s ska-pop band Doe Maar. He also composed television and film scores.

Henny began his career as a member of the local band Les Cruches in the late 1960s, and spent the early 1970s writing songs for others and recording as Ruby Carmichael.

Henny Vrienten
Henny Vrienten

He also collaborates and tours with Boudewijn de Groot, a singer-songwriter, as well as Ernst Jansz, who is two months his senior.

Henny also finds time to record an album with Tom Salisbury, a producer from the United States. The extracted single Lift Me Up Higher by Paul Santos (released early 1977) became a live-to-regret experience, and Henny confessed in 1982 that “it still gives me nightmares.”

Henny met keyboardist Ernst Jansz and drummer Johnny Lodewijks while working with Boudewijn de Groot, and the latter suggested they form a reggae band.

The Rumbones (Rumboon; Dutch alcoholic chocolate) went on tour from October 13 to November 12, 1977, and then broke up.

Henny then joined Sammie America’s Gasphetti, recorded demos in his garage, and toured with de Groot once more.

Jansz invites him to join his band Doe Maar, but Henny declines, doubting the viability of a Dutch-language band playing for fun.

Henny Vrienten Children: Meet Xander Vrienten, Teun Vrienten, Melle Vrienten, Meke Vrienten, Polle Vrienten

Henny Vrienten is survived by five children. They are Xander Vrienten, Teun Vrienten, Melle Vrienten, Meke Vrienten, Polle Vrienten.

Xander Vrienten was born in 1987 in the Netherlands and is a bassist. He was a member of Jett Rebel’s band until 2019.

Vrienten took the initiative and took the center stage. He created the house band alongside his father Henny Vrienten for seven episodes in the final season of the TV show De Wereld Draait Door.


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