All You Need To Know About Henny Vrienten’s son Xander Vrienten

Xander Vrienten is a bassist from the Netherlands who was born in 1987. Until 2019, he was a member of Jett Rebel’s band. He is the son of Henry Vrienten.

Vrienten announced his departure from Rebel on Facebook on February 26, 2019.

Xander Vrienten
Xander Vrienten

Vrienten took the initiative and stepped into the spotlight. In the final season of the TV show De Wereld Draait Door, he formed the house band with his father Henny Vrienten for seven episodes.

He’ll perform three one-off events at Amsterdam’s WestergasTheater in 2020.

He’d be performing there with a variety of performers, including Cato van Dijck, with whom he’d previously collaborated on the albums The Souldiers and My Baby.

The events, as well as a tour with Trijntje Oosterhuis, were canceled because of the corona epidemic. Instead of performing, he began to create.

For years, Xander Vrienten has been a quiet presence in the Dutch music scene. He began his career as a bassist with The Souldiers before going on to work with Valerius and Jett Rebel, among others.

He is currently a member of Trijntje Oosterhuis’ band and De Wereld Draait Door’s house band with his father Henny Vrienten.



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