Meet Henny Vrienten’s son Polle Vrienten

Henny Vrienten

Henny Vrienten was a Dutch musician best known as the singer and bassist of the popular 1980s ska-pop band Doe Maar. He also composed television and film scores.

Henny Vrienten
Henny Vrienten

Aardige jongens was a collaboration between Vrienten and contemporaries Frank Boeijen and Henk Hofstede (frontman of The Nits). A theatre tour was organized to promote it.

Vrienten made an appearance on Ali B op volle toeren, a show in which emerging Dutch rappers collaborate with renowned artists on tracks.

“32 Jaar Later,” a follow-up to Doe Maar’s first top 40 success in 1981, was written by him.

He went on tour with his son Xander (at the time, Jett Rebel’s bassist) and the three-piece rock band My Baby, releasing two solo albums and going on tour.

With George Kooymans of Golden Earring and Boudewijn de Groot, Vrienten founded the supergroup Vreemde Kostgangers.

In 2017, they released two albums and toured with a setlist that included both joint and solo music.

Mijn Hart Slaapt Nooit, Vrienten’s third studio album, was released in early 1992, after the projected Doe Maar comeback failed to materialize.

The album received little promotion, much like Geen Ballade. All Doe Maar members reunited at the end of the year to support CCC Inc., a 1960s band that included Ernst Jansz and Joost Belinfante, at their 25th-anniversary show.

Meet Henny Vrienten’s son Polle Vrienten

Polle Vrienten was born to Henny Vrienten, the late Dutch musician. Polle Vrienten was born alongside, Xander Vrienten, Teun Vrienten, Melle Vrienten, and Meke Vrienten.

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