Henny Vrienten was a Dutch musician best known as the singer and bassist of the popular 1980s ska-pop band Doe Maar.

Between 1986 and 1991, Vrienten was a member of the Magnificent Seven, which included singer/advertising composer Fay Lovsky and Joost Belinfante, the unofficial fifth Doe Maar member.

Henny Vrienten
Henny Vrienten

The release of a best-of album postponed the release of a new solo album.

Mijn Hart Slaapt Nooit, Vrienten’s third studio album, was released in early 1992 after the expected Doe Maar revival failed to materialize.

The album received little promotion, much like Geen Ballade.

All Doe Maar members reunited at the end of the year to support CCC Inc., a 1960s band that included Ernst Jansz and Joost Belinfante, at their 25th-anniversary show.

Henny ended up working with the rap group Osdorp Posse in the mid-1990s when a new generation of Dutch-language acts emerged.

Rather than embark on a solo tour, Vrienten chose to branch out and write TV and film scores, including for the Dutch Sesame Street, as well as producing music for other artists.

Henny Vrienten son, Who is Teun Vrienten?

Teun Vrienten is known as the son of the late Dutch musician best known as the singer and bassist of the popular 1980s.

His siblings are Xander Vrienten, Melle Vrienten, Meke Vrienten, and Polle Vrienten.


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