How did Ryan Brasier Get a Concussion?

Ryan Brasier suffered a concussion while throwing a simulated game after being smacked in the head by a line drive.

After being hit in the head by a line drive while pitching in a simulated game, Ryan Brasier was rushed to a Fort Myers hospital on Friday.

Brasier is in stable condition, according to Red Sox manager Alex Cora, and will be kept in the hospital for monitoring.

While he isn’t out of the woods yet, Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom recognizes that things could have been a lot worse.

“In the broad scheme of things, we’re lucky this wasn’t worse,” Bloom stated through Zoom on Sunday, according to the club. “(Brasier) was released from the hospital the day before yesterday.

He’s in good shape. As you know, he was struck in the side of the head, so there are actually two elements to this. He was diagnosed with a concussion, for starters.

So we need to make sure we’re keeping an eye on that from a neurological aspect, and that we’re following up correctly.

But there will be a follow-up to ensure that the good things continue to happen, as well as structurally correcting what went wrong, and making sure that everything continues to run smoothly.


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