According to a spokesman for the United States Central Command, Maher al-Agal was one of the top four ISIS leaders in the world.

In a statement made by CENTCOM, an Al-Agal deputy was also targeted, but it was unclear if he was killed or injured.

The CENTCOM spokesman, Col. Joe Buccino, said that the attack on senior ISIS officials will make it harder for the terrorist group to plan and carry out more attacks.

It would be the most recent in a series of strikes against the extremist group in Syria. In an operation last month, the US military says they caught a top ISIS leader and bomb builder who was not named.

According to the Pentagon, a nocturnal attack by US special forces in northwestern Syria in February resulted in the killing of ISIS’ senior leader, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi.

The news of the death of Maher al-Agal arrives just before President Joe Biden departs on a trip to the Middle East.

It is anticipated that he would arrive in Israel on Wednesday for a series of meetings both in Israel and in the West Bank before proceeding to Saudi Arabia.

How did the USA Killed Maher al-Agal?

Maher al-Agal was killed by a drone strike by the US special forces. The ISIS leader was struck in  his home in Syria


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