According to US sources, the commander and leader of ISIS, Maher al-Agal, has been killed in Syria in an attack earlier Tuesday.

NBC reported that the attack was directed at Maher al-Agal and his deputy. Although Al-Agal was killed, it is still uncertain whether the deputy was killed or injured.

A top leader of Hurras al-Din, a terrorist group with ties to Al Qaeda, Abu Hamzah al Yemeni, was killed in a US strike in Syria’s Idlib province on June 27. This was reported by CENTCOM in a news release after the strike.

The airstrike was conducted outside Jimdahtis, northwest Syria, according to Israeli news outlet Belaaz News.

The Islamic extremist group lost ground during President Joe Biden’s trip to the Middle East on Wednesday.

Before traveling to Saudi Arabia, Biden is scheduled to hold a number of meetings in Israel and the West Bank on Wednesday.

The president has said that the trip will be good for the US because it will focus on the international trade and supply systems that the US needs.

The US is among the several Western nations that want Saudi Arabia to increase oil production in order to help with the escalating global energy crisis that was brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.


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