ISIS, or the Islamic State (IS) of Iraq and the Levant, is a militant Islamist organisation and a previously unrecognized quasi-state that adheres to the Salafi jihadist branch of Sunni Islam.

ISIS is also known as ISIL. It was established in 1999 by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and it rose to notoriety on a worldwide scale in 2014 as a result of its success in driving Iraqi security forces out of major cities during the Anbar war.

It asserted its religious, political, and military control over Muslims all over the world by establishing a caliphate.

ISIS is still considered to be a threat to the United States and its partners in the region, according to the United States,” stated Buccino.

“CENTCOM will continue to fight threats to regional security and maintains a sufficient and sustained presence in the region,”


Who Was ISIS Leader Maher al-Agal?

Maher al-Agal was one of the top five commanders of ISIS and the head of the movement in Syria. He was also the leader of the organization in Iraq. In addition to that, he had a major position inside ISIS.

Al-Agal, who oversaw the group’s operations within Syria, was also in charge of “aggressively pursuing” the formation of ISIS networks in countries other than Iraq and Syria.


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