Shane P. McClanahan is an American professional baseball pitcher who currently plays for the MLB team Tampa Bay Rays in the American League. In 2020, he made his Major League Baseball debut.

How fast does Shane McClanahan throw?

Shane McClanahan threw 2,064 pitches in 2021, all during the MLB Regular Season, according to the PITCHf/x system. He mostly used his Fourseam Fastball (97 mph) and Slider (89 mph) in 2021, with a Curve (83 mph) and Changeup thrown in for good measure (89mph).

In addition to having some natural sinking movement, his four-seam fastball is thrown at a fastball velocity that is almost unfair.

While his slider is thrown exceptionally hard, it produces slightly more groundballs when compared to the sliders of other pitchers and exhibits some two-plane movement.

His curveball is thrown incredibly hard, creates more whiffs/swings than other pitchers’ curveballs, and has a sharp downward bite when compared to other pitchers’ curveballs.

In comparison to other pitchers’ changeups, his changeup is thrown extremely hard, results in an extremely high number of swinging and missing balls, and is a real worm killer, resulting in an extremely high number of groundballs.

In addition, his changeup generates an extremely high number of swinging and missing balls versus other pitchers’ changeups.



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