How is Laura Robson’s Health Condition: What happened to Laura Robson?

Laura Robson's Health Condition

Laura Robson is a British tennis player born on January 21, 1994, in Melbourne Australia. Laura was born to parents Andrew Robson and Kathy  Robson. Laura had begun her career in tennis at a young age.

She had debuted on the ITF tour in 2007 and won the Wimbledon title at the young age of 14. When she was 18, she won her first silver medal at the World Olympic mixed-doubles alongside Andy Murray.

How is Laura Robson's Health Condition:What happened to Laura Robson
How is Laura Robson’s Health Condition:What happened to Laura Robson

What Happened to Laura Robson?

Laura Robson was ranked the 27th in the world of tennis and her best run at Grand Slam saw her make her fourth round at the Wimbledon and the US Open.

In 2014, Laura suffered from various injuries to her wrists which called for surgery in 2015. Her left wrist which was her dominant had undergone surgery and took a long time to heal resulting in multiple prolonged absences from the WTA Tour.

She dropped out of the world rankings moving from number 27 to 906 in July 2015. Robson managed to make it to the 2016 WTA but was unable to get to the top 150 since she was still struggling with her injured wrist.

In 2018, Laura underwent hip surgery and has not been active since then. The tennis player has announced her retirement today, May,16,2022 as a result of her injuries.

She told BBC”I had another hip surgery and probably did the best rehab of my life and the second time I hit, I just knew. It feels weird to say out loud, but I’m done, I’m retired”.

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