How Long has Juwan Howard Been Married?

Juwan Howard and wife

In the National Basketball Association alias NBA, former professional basketball player Juwan Howard plies his trade with the Michigan Wolverines men’s team as head coach.

Howard’s grandma, Jannie Mae Howard, was the girl of tenant farmers from Belzoni, Mississippi. She had four girls by her nineteenth birthday celebration, including Howard’s mom Helena.

Helena was a representative at a Chicago eatery when she became pregnant with Juwan. Howard’s dad, Leroy Watson, had recently gotten back from the Army to a telephone organization work in Chicago.

The two wedded rapidly once they understood Helena was pregnant. For Howard’s first seven-day stretch of life, his secondary school junior mother kept him in a cabinet at Jannie Mae’s home.

Helena, who was 17 years of age, didn’t have any desire to be confined or troubled bringing up her kid, so Jannie Mae embraced him.

His organic dad, Leroy Watson Jr., needed to name him Leroy Watson, III, yet his grandma dismissed the idea, demanding Juwan Antonio Howard.

In spite of the fact that his mom visited now and again as he was growing up, his grandma raised him, alongside two cousins.

How Long has Juwan Howard Been Married?

On July 6, 2002, Howard married Jenine Wardley and the couple has been married for 20 years as of 2022. They have two sons: Jace, who was born in late September 2001, and Jett, who is two years younger.

Jenine Wardally met Howard for the first time at Alonzo Mourning’s party. After dating for a while they tied the knots on July 6, 2002. They have been married for 19 years and have been blessed with two children Jace Howard and Jett Howard.

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