Patricia MacLachlan was an American born novelist who was best known to be a writer who wrote books mostly for children. Her book, “Sarah, Plain and Tall”, was one of her works that made her popular as it was adapted into a movie that featured Glenn Close and Christopher Walkden. She even won a medal for that novel.

Patricia was born March 3, 1938, in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the United States of America and died at age 84 in her home in Williamsburg on March 31, 2022. Her eldest son, John MacLachlan was the one who confirmed the news of her death.

Patricia wrote and released her first novel titled The Sick Day in 1979. A year after that, she published another book titled Through Grandpa’s Eyes and Moon, Stars, Frogs, and Friends. People loved to read her novels as her style of writing and the fiction in her stories appeared to be very realistic.

Patricia MacLachlan started writing at the age of 35 when her kids started schooling. Later, she collaborated with her daughter, Emily to create pictured storybooks.

Patricia was part of the board members of the National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance, which is a national non-profit organisation that advocates for literacy, literature, and libraries in the USA.

How Many Children Does Patricia MacLachlan Have?

Patricia MacLachlan had three children. Emily MacLachlan Charest, John MacLachlan and Jamie Maclachlan.


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