June Brown became a legendary personality on British television, famous for her chain-smoking and proclivity for repeating Bible texts.

She won Best Actress at the Inside Soap Awards in 2005, Lifetime Achievement at the British Soap Awards, and an MBE in the 2008 Birthday Honors in honor of her contributions to charity and theater.

She was a staple on Albert Square for 35 years, and on the soap, she portrayed the long-suffering mother of incorrigible villain ‘Nasty’ Nick Cotton.

Brown needed eye surgery in 2017 to save her sight when she became unable to read EastEnders scripts and recognize her family’s faces.

How Many Daughters Does June Brown Have?

In real life, though, she left behind a loving family who were with her when she died on Sunday in Surrey. June Brown and her second husband, Robert Arnold, produced six children in seven years.

Chloe, one of my kids, perished in her infancy as a result of preterm delivery. Their next daughter, Chloe, was named after her, as were their three other children, Louise, Naomi(producer), and Sophie.


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