A society that honors not its heroes is not worth dying for. This is a saying known to several people because it is believed that individuals who have contributed significantly to an association’s development ought to be honored. This is the story of National  Football League teams and players.

In the NFL a way by which teams honor some players is to retire the number they wore while in that particular team during their career. Retiring of jerseys means no one present or to come in the team is to use that number but only under special circumstances.

Since the NFL began retiring jerseys, 139 jerseys have been retired with Chicago Bears and New York Giants retiring the highest number; 14.


Jerseys and Numbers Retired By Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins have retired 3 numbers and they are 12, 13, 39. 

Number 12.

This was the number worn by Bob Griese during his period in Miami Dolphins. It would interest you to know that Bob Griese is the only player ever to wear the 12 Jerseys for the Dolphins. This is because no one before or after his career ever wore the number 12 jersey. The #12 was the first of jerseys to be retired in the team Dolphins. Retirement of the #12 was on May 6, 1982.

Number 13.

Don Marino’s #13 jersey was the second Dolphins jersey to attain the status of retirement. This was done on Sept 17, 2002, during the half-time of the Dolphins-Baltimore Ravens game. On that same day, Don Marino was inducted into the Dolphins Honor Roll.

Number 39

The Larry Csnoka jersey  #39 became the third and current retired jersey since the club last retired one. The jersey was retired during halftime ceremonies of the Dolphins game against the Chicago Bears on Dec 9, 2002.


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