How Many Numbers have the Oakland Athletics retired? Oakland Athletics Retired Jersey Numbers

The Oakland Athletics have retired a total of 7 jerseys in its history. The Oakland A’s Baseball Hall of Fame has honored five of the team’s legends by retiring their number. You have Dennis Eckersley no.43, Rollie Fingers no.34, Ricky Henderson no.24, Catfish Hunter no.27, and Reggie Jackson no.9 on your roster.

Reggie Jackson no.9

He played with the Kansas City/Alaska Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees, and California Angels in Major League Baseball (MLB) for 21 seasons as a right fielder. The National Baseball Hall of Fame inducted Jackson in 1993. On three first pitches from three separate pitchers, he smashed a record five home runs in the 1977 World Series.

Ricky Henderson no.24

Many consider him the best leadoff hitter and baserunner in baseball history. He has the most career stolen bases, runs scored, unintentional walks, and leadoff home runs in big league baseball history. Henderson also holds the single-season record for stolen bases (130 in 1982) and is the only player in AL history to steal more than 100 bases in a season three times. 2009 saw Henderson’s Hall of Fame induction.

Catfish Hunter no.27

From 1970 through 1976, one of baseball’s most dominant pitchers, winning at least 20 games five times in a row. After a 224-166 record and a 3.26 ERA, he was forced to retire at the age of 33 due to arm problems.

Rollie Fingers no.34

With 341 career saves, he became the all-time saves leader in the Major Leagues. Two World Series wins and six saves in 16 appearances for Oakland. He was an AL MVP and Cy Young Award winner

Eckersley no.43

For the first part of his career, Dennis Eckersley had the potential to be one of the best starting pitchers in baseball history. However, his ability to close out games and earn his way into Cooperstown was unmatched. A four-time American League West champion, three-time AL pennant winner, and World Series champion, Eck had an average of 44 saves each season from 1988 through 1992.

A’s Trademark(A Haas)

When Charles O. Finley sold the Athletics to Walter A. Haas, Jr. in 1980, the club was saved from moving out of the region by the acquisition of the team. The A’s won one World Series (1989) and three straight American League pennants during his 15 years as the owner (1988-90).

Jackie Robinson no. 42

As the first African-American player in the Major Leagues, Jackie Robinson made history in 1947. With a fielding percentage of.992, he holds the record for the most games played by a second baseman. Stealing bases led the National League in 1947 and 1949. 1949’s Most Valuable Player

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