How Many Runners has Salvador Perez Thrown out?

Salvador Perez was not the same player eight years ago as he is now in the big leagues. Salvador Perez used to strike out less, hit fewer home runs, and was most renowned for his defense, winning five Gold Gloves in the process.

Salvador Perez hit .442 with a .442 slugging percentage, 24 home runs, and 103 strikeouts per 162 games in the regular season.

Salvador Perez, in particular, has been a completely different player since undergoing Tommy John’s surgery in 2019. He’s been swinging for the fences a lot more lately, and it’s showing in his outcomes (both good and bad).

Salvador Perez was tied for 12th in the MLB with 21 home runs and 29th with 53 RBI at the All-Star break.

This was enough to win him a spot in the 2021 Home Run Derby, which many non-Royals fans believed was a bit of a reach at the time.

In the first round, Salvy hit the second-most home runs out of the field but was overshadowed by eventual winner Pete Alonso.

Salvador Perez put on a performance like no other after six games of bringing his power back to normal speed.

Salvador Perez slugged over .600 and hit 27 of his 48 home runs in the 66 games from July 24 through the end of the season, tying Jorge Soler for the 2019 Royals franchise home run record. Salvador Perez’s dominance in the second half was MVP-worthy.


How Many Runners has Salvador Perez Thrown out?

Salvador Perez has  thrown out only 18 runners

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