Jayda Cheaves, who was born in the United States on September 25, 1997, is a social media star on Instagram, a businesswoman, and an internet superstar.

On Instagram, where she has more than six million followers, she often shares content about both her everyday life and her modeling career.

She launched her own channel on YouTube in 2018, and her typical uploads include vlogs, hauls, and movies of her family.

Her YouTube channel has amassed a following of more than 345 thousand followers, and each of her videos receives an average of 500 thousand views.

Additionally, she has been seen in music videos such as “Catch the Sun” and “Close Friends,” among others.

How Many Sisters Does Jayda Cheaves Have?

Jayda Cheaves has one beautiful sister. Her sister is called Ameerah. Much is not known about her at the moment

Jayda Cheaves Career

Cheaves launched her career as an entrepreneur with the help of her renowned business, Amour Jayda L.L.C. She also sells human hair in addition to her clothing brand, which is called Waydamin merch.

Cheaves has amassed more than 345 thousand views and subscribers on YouTube. The secret to success, according to the self-made billionaire, is reliability.

Additionally, she is a social media influencer on Instagram, where she promotes various businesses and models.

She is a PrettyLittleThing brand ambassador, which is a fashion firm established in the United Kingdom.


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