It would be an understatement to say that the relationship between Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves is complex.

Although it appears that Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves are not together at the moment, they have had their fans wondering about their relationship status since the Atlanta rapper and the hair mogul got together in 2016.

According to Cheaves, she initially became acquainted with Lil Baby through Ameerah Cheaves, who is Cheaves’s sister.

The rapper started DMing her before she moved from Savannah to Atlanta. Finding out that Cheaves’ sister lived in Atlanta at that time, the rapper sought her assistance in setting him up with Cheaves.

How Long Has Jayda and Baby Been Together?

Jayda and Baby started dating officially in 2016. After dating for a total of two years, the pair decided to end their relationship in 2018.

Jayda and Baby got back together when he found out she was pregnant. He quickly reconciled with her so that they could raise their child as a couple.

They welcomed a son, Loyal Armani, into the world in February 2019.

During an interview with Sheen magazine that took place in September 2019, Cheaves discussed how she manages to juggle the demands of being a mother, an entrepreneur, and a girlfriend all at the same time.

She reflected on the similarities between being the girlfriend of a rapper and any other man. She stated ” If you’re truly invested in your spouse, you’ll always be on their side and cheer them on as they pursue their goals”.

However, it appears that the pair went through yet another rocky patch in early 2020. During an interview with Wallo267 in February, Lil Baby stated that he wasn’t “very deep in love” with anyone, and shortly thereafter, Cheaves confirmed the breakup rumors.

Cheaves appeared to confirm their reconciliation in May when she shared a photo of herself and Lil Baby kissing in her Instagram Stories.

Then, in December 2020, an adult film actress named Ms. London allegedly claimed Lil Baby paid to have sex with her while celebrating his birthday in Las Vegas, sparking further cheating suspicions between the couple.

Cheaves discussed her relationship on an episode of Hollywood Unlocked that aired in December 2021, revealing that she and Lil Baby first met in Atlanta and had been together for about six years at that point.


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