Archie Eversole was an American hip hop recording artist based in Atlanta, Georgia best known for his 2002 single “We Ready”.

When Eversole was seventeen years old, he released his only full-length album, Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style.

Archie Eversole
Archie Eversole

The album was first published in 2001 by independent label Phat Boy Records and Break Bread Productions, then reissued in 2002 by MCA Records, reaching #83 on the Billboard 200.

“We Ready,” the featured single, contains a sample from the 1969 Steam song “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.”

The news of Archie Eversole’s sad demise has been making waves on various social media and major online news portals.

The team said in a statement Thursday that it was “heartbroken” about Eversole’s death. “A staple in the Atlanta hip-hop scene, Archie adopted Atlanta United before our first season and continued to be one of our club’s most fervent supporters,”.

How Many Times Was Archie Eversole Shot by His Brother?

Investigations are still ongoing about the death of rapper Archie Eversole who was found dead with a gunshot wound.

The latest reports emerging about his death confirm that Eversole was shot and killed by his own brother identified as Alexander Kraus.

Alexander Krau has been arrested and charged with murder. He was apprehended at a home near the gas station where they say the shooting occurred.


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