Clarence Thomas is an American lawyer who was born on June 23, 1948, in PinPoint, in Georgia, United States. He serves as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court since his nomination by President George Bush. Clarence succeeded Thurgood Marshall and has been on the job since 1991. He is known to be the second Black American to serve on the court.

He was born and raised in Georgia around PinPoint, a small black community founded by freedmen when the Civil War was over. He is the second child to M. C. Thomas, a farmworker and mom Leola Pigeon. Thomas’s parents happened to be the descendants of American Slaves.

He studied at Missouri bar at Saint Louis University School Of Law. He got admission in the year September 13, 1974. He started his career as an Assistant Attorney General of Missouri under one John Danforth. Since then he has been doing and gained a lot of recognition.

I’m the year 30 October 1989, George Bush, the current president at the time nominated him to the United States Court of Appeal for the Columbia district circuit.

How old is Clarence Thomas’ Son Jamal Adeen Thomas?

When we look at the personal life of Thomas, it reveals that in the year 1971 he was engaged to Kathy Grace Ambush and the pair gave birth to one child named Jamal Adeen. 

Jamal is a well-known television actor. “FBI: Most Wanted (2020),” “Entourage (2010),” and “Grey’s Anatomy” are some of his famous works (2006).

Clarence Thomas has only one child, Jamal. He was born in the year 1973. Jamal Adeen Thomas will be 49 years old in the year 2022.


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