David Ryding is an English World Cup alpine ski racer who specializes in slalom. Widely considered to be the greatest British skier of all time, he has competed for Great Britain in four Olympics, seven World Championships, and won the Europa Cup.

Ryding’s best World Cup result was a victory in 2022 Kitzbühel slalom, the first victory for any British athlete at that level in Alpine skiing.

At the age of six, David’s dad Carl, a ski-mad long-lasting fan, urged him to take examples at the nearby dry ski slants close to their home – so he joined Pendle Ski Club.

Dave spends significant time in the discipline of Slalom and has accomplished nine British Slalom Titles, three World Cup platforms, was Europa Cup Slalom Champion 2012/13, and has contended at 4 Winter Olympic Games. Dave was the principal British skier to win Alpine World Cup Gold in Kitzbuhel in January 2022.

How old is Dave Riding?

David Ryding was born on 5 December 1986, in Bretherton, Lancashire, England, thus he is 35 years of age.

Where did Dave Ryding Learn to Ski?

Ryding learned to ski on a dry slope in Pendle, Lancashire that was full of sheep, who would sometimes run across while he was training.

However, learning on those dry ski slopes will, he believes, help on the artificial snow he finds himself facing in China. “I don’t know how to describe it other than it is icy and slippy, but when you get your edge into it it is unbelievably aggressive and grippy,” he added.


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