If Bella is having issues with somebody, don’t involve yourself — Phyna tells Sheggz

Phyna has told Bella’s lover Sheggz not to inherit her shenanigans in the house following their fallout recently.

Although it’s widely believed that Phyna triggered the fight she had with Bella which later saw Groovy and Sheggz getting involved while showing solidarity to their respective partners, Phyna has admonished Sheggz to stay in his lane.

On Tuesday, Bella and Phyna got into a furious argument over food distribution. In the lounge, Bella and Chomzy were discussing food when Phyna, the head of house, requested that they limit their conversation to wager-related subjects exclusively.

When Bella, who didn’t like this, fired some fiery shots at her while calling her a street girl, Phyna fired back in equal measure. Sheggz and Groovy who have established a romantic relationship with the above-mentioned female housemates also threw themselves into the fray.

On this score, the instigator Phyna has told Sheggz that the best thing to do to avoid ‘wahala’ in the house is to avoid taking Bella’s fight and end up getting in the bad books of other Level-Up housemates.

She claims she administered this advice straight from the bottom of her heart.


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