Rachel unleashed tantrums on Hermes a short while ago and it’s all because she could not see her name on a movie list sent to Level Up Housemates by Big Brother.

The tickets for the Showmax movie night with Chichi, Phyna, Groovy, Eloswag, and Sheggz arrived yesterday night but things got mixed up as some Housemates couldn’t understand why their names weren’t on the list.


While Rachel, who claimed to have also made a purchase, lamented not being on the list and this momentarily sent her into a meltdown. Sheggz and Bella were also bewildered as to why they were unable to travel together on a single ticket.

Head of House Phyna received a brief with the names of the Housemates who had purchased movie tickets. Chichi, Eloswag, Groovy, Phyna, and Sheggz were these housemates.


The Housemates were instructed to prepare for a sleepover in Level 3 in addition to securing a movie date. As soon as the brief was read, Sheggz and Rachel both questioned why Bella’s name wasn’t on it. Rachel also questioned the exclusion of her own name.

Eloswag offered to give Bella his ticket so she could go as Chomzy’s date and still get to go with Sheggz because Bella and Sheggz were plainly distraught about not being on the list. Bella was forced to stay behind when Biggie contested his argument.

She didn’t take the news of the separation in good faith, so Sheggz went to comfort her before she went to bed. But since this would be their first night apart since the beginning of the season, she didn’t stop crying when he went.

Rachel was the one who was overly pissed and she did not hide her frustration, blaming Hermes for the mishap. She hurled unprintable words at him as she cried under the covers for a while before Adekunle arrived to talk to her.


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