Phyna and Groovy shared the Head of House lounge last night and had some lovey-dovey conversation while there.

Recall that on Monday, September 12 Phyna was named Head of House after she triumphed over the other Housemates in the task assigned to them by Biggie.

She joined Chomzy as the second woman to win HOH this season. When Phyna was asked who she would like to share the VIP HOH lounge with, she selected her boyfriend Groovy- which of course did not surprise viewers at all.

Alone in the lounge in the evening, Phyna and Groovy wanted to get down to business- if you know what we mean but unfortunately for him, Phyna was menstruating and she duly informed him about that.

Phyna added that if not for her menses, she wouldn’t have hesitated in raping him there and then. Groovy on the hand retorted, ‘what a very good timing’- obviously being sarcastic that her menstruation has stopped them from getting intimate.

See the conversation that ensued between them below;

Groovy: This HOH room go burn
Phyna: You are lucky I’m on my period, I would’ve raped you.
Groovy: Cool story bro


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