Cedric McMillan was born on August 17, 1977, in Maplewood, New Jersey in the United States of America. He was a well known professional bodybuilder and a USA Army Instructor. Cedric died Tuesday, April 12, 2022, of a heart attack. He was 44 years old.

Cedric McMillan
Cedric McMillan

Cedric’s passion for bodybuilding began when he was a child. He used to draw images with muscular physiques. His role model was Arnold Schwarzenegger. His mother supported his dream of becoming a bodybuilder by purchasing a weight set for him when he was 13 years old.

Cedric joined the army when he completed his high school education. Whiles in the army, he decided to take part in an upcoming bodybuilding competition after he was persuaded by a friend of his called Neil.

Neil helped him train to get into shape physically and also helped him learn about bodybuilding. A couple of weeks before the competition, Cedric gained massive weight. He went from an initial weight of 195 lbs to 225 lbs.

In 2007, he took part in the NPC South Carolina heavyweight competition and won. In 2017, he won the 2017 Arnold Classic competition that was held in Ohio. He got to meet his role model, Arnold Schwarzenegger during the event.

Is Cedric McMillan Married?

Cedric was married.

Who Is Cedric McMillan’s Wife?

Cedric McMillan’s wife was Eva Matulessy-McMillan. Eva keeps a low profile so her details are not known.


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