Is Fox News Correspondent Benjamin Hall Still Alive? What Happened Benjamin Hall?

Who is Benjamin Hall?

Benjamin Hall is a British journalist who serves as a State Department correspondent for Fox News Channel and is based in Washington, D.C.

Born on July 23, 1982 (age 39 years), London, United Kingdom, Benjamin is said to have begun his journalism career by reporting on happening in the Middle East.

He was said to have written as a frontline for many big news organisations like BBC, New York Times, the New York Post as well as a host of many others.

He is also the author of the book Inside ISIS: The Brutal Rise of a Terrorist Army.

On 14 March 2022, he was injured while on assignment reporting the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine in Ukraine outside of Kyiv. The circumstances of his injury are not known.

Benjamin Hall is married to his beautiful wife by the name of Alicia Miller with whom they have got three beautiful children.

Is Fox News Correspondent Benjamin Hall Still Alive?

Yes, Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall is still very much alive but had an injury while reporting from Ukraine and has been hospitalized.

What Happened Benjamin Hall?

Benjamin Hall was said to have suffered an injury while reporting about Ukraine and Russia’s war. He is said to be in the hospital receiving medical care.

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