Is June Brown ill? June Brown Dead or Alive?

June Brown

Is June Brown ill?

Brown stated in May 2015 that she had macular degeneration, which is causing her vision to deteriorate.

June Brown Dead or Alive?

June Brown is dead.

The Actress died on  April 3, 2022 at the age of 95.

Her family expressed their “great sadness” at the news that their “loving mother” had died.

Her relatives said she died quietly at her home in Surrey on Sunday.

“We are terribly heartbroken to report our dear mother, June, passed away very quietly at her home in Surrey on Sunday evening, with her family at her side,” Brown’s family said in a statement. “We would please request that our privacy is maintained at this very difficult time.”

Before leaving EastEnders in 2020, the actress was a fan favorite for three decades.

She first appeared on Albert Square in 1985, shortly after the show premiered.

She only took a hiatus from the show between 1993 and 1997, spanning three decades.

The performer was “liked and cherished by everyone” on set, according to EastEnders executives.

“We are incredibly devastated to inform you that our beloved June Brown, OBE, MBE, unfortunately, passed away yesterday night,” an EastEnders spokesperson said.

“Words cannot express how much June was liked and admired by everyone at EastEnders; her loving warmth, wit, and brilliant humor will be remembered forever.”

“June developed one of the most famous characters in Dot Cotton, not only in soap, but in British television, and her amazing performances on EastEnders generated some of the show’s best moments, having starred in 2,884 episodes.”

“June’s family and friends have our heartfelt condolences and all of our love.” Today on EastEnders, a brilliant light has gone out, but we’ll all be lifting a glass of sweet sherry in June’s honor.

“Our lovely June, rest in peace.” “You’ll be remembered for the rest of your life.”


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