Is Levi Deanne Bray’s Dog in Real Life?

According to the show’s creators, there are more than 28 million deaf or hard of hearing people in the United States.

In the instance of Hearing Dog Levi (who is played by Golden Retriever Jesse), the dog does give some comic relief over the course of the episode.

Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye was a television series in which Bray played a deaf FBI agent modeled on a real-life individual who worked for the FBI, and was supported by her hearing dog Levi.

When asked what her favorite aspect of the program was, Bray responded as follows:

My favorite Sue Thomas episode is the pilot (the first episode), since many of the moments shot were taken from the real Sue Thomas’s life and actually occurred:

The dog leaps in the bathtub to alert her that someone is knocking on the door; getting lost in class while the teacher is lecturing, and the children making fun of her.

“Her ice-skating adventure [and the death of her buddy], her career working with the FBI from a laborious fingerprinting job to becoming a member of the surveillance squad are all told in detail.”

Is Levi Deanne Bray‘s Dog in Real Life?

Yes, Levi existed in real life but the intelligent dog is no more. The dog was owned and trained by Deanne Bray and her husband.

Levi, unfortunately, passed away as a result of heat-related problems. When the word of Levi’s death began to spread, people began to express their shock and disbelief.

One thought on “Is Levi Deanne Bray’s Dog in Real Life?

  1. HI Deanne.
    I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed watch and re-watching Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye. Watching the show really does brighten my days. I am end stage kidney failure under going dialysis which takes a lot out of me.
    So thank you, and I am really sorry to hear about Levi’s passing. Such a wonderful dog…
    Mark Cornthwaite (UK)

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