Vladimir Putin Ex-Wife:

Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya is the Ex-wife of the Vladimir Putin

Meet Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya

Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya was born on 6 January 1958 and is the former wife of Vladimir Putin, the current President of Russia and former Prime Minister.

Lyudmila is the daughter of Alexander Abramovich and Yekaterina Tikhonovna Shkrebneva and was born in Kaliningrad, Soviet Union. Kaliningrad Mechanical Plant was where her father worked.

She holds a linguist’s degree. Lyudmila received her diploma from Leningrad State University’s Department of Philology’s section of Spanish language and philology in 1986.

Lyudmila worked as a flight attendant at Aeroflot’s Kaliningrad branch in her early adult years. In Leningrad, she met Vladimir Putin, and the two married on July 28, 1983. Mariya and Yekaterina are the couple’s two daughters.

She, her husband, and their family vacationed in the south of France in July 1998, where her husband conducted key meetings before becoming the director of the FSB, after which the Putin family’s scheduled August vacation in Davos was canceled.

Lyudmila kept a quiet presence on the Russian political scene after Vladimir’s ascension to power, avoiding the limelight unless when needed by procedure and limiting her public role to supportive words about her husband.

She and Putin publicly declared the end of their marriage on June 6, 2013, citing a mutual decision.

During the interval of a performance by the Kremlin Ballet, the couple announced their divorce on camera for the Russian news media at the State Kremlin Palace, putting an end to years of speculation about their romance.

The divorce was formalized in April 2014, according to the Kremlin. Lyudmila was said to have married Artur Ocheretny  in early 2015


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