Is Linda Evangelista Deformed?

Yes, Linda Evangelista claims that a bad reaction to a fat reduction treatment has left her “permanently disfigured.”

One of the treatment’s unusual cosmetic adverse effects occurred five years prior when Evangelista fat cells actually expanded. Evangelista said it was because of this that she had vanished from the public’s attention.

A treatment known as body contouring, which was supposed to help the Canadian model lose weight, actually made her gain it back.

Asked why she hasn’t been working while her colleagues’ careers have been flourishing, “Evangelista said that I was horrifically scarred by a technique that did the contrary of what it promised,” Evangelista said.

She described the negative effect she had “has not only wrecked my livelihood, but it has also plunged me into a pit of despair, grief, and self-loathing on an unprecedented scale. I’ve become a recluse as a result.”

To go on with her life, the actress wrote on social media that she wanted to tell her experience publicly so that she could sue the corporation she believes was responsible.

Fat reduction in certain areas of the body is achieved by the use of freezing temperatures, which is a non-surgical method that has gained popularity in recent years.


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