Is Papa Jim Married? Who Is Papa Jim Wife?

Papa Jim Wife

Popular internet sensation and Youtuber Papa Jim passed away at age 92. The news was announced by Danny Duncan who is a YouTuber who featured the elderly prankster in his youtube videos. Jim was often seen performing very wild activities like skinny dipping to quad biking.

Danny shared pictures of Jim on his Instagram on Thursday, May 12, 2022, with the caption “Thank you all for the laughs and unforgettable memories. I love you Papa Jim. RIP”.

Is Papa Jim Married? Who Is Papa Jim Wife?
Is Papa Jim Married? Who Is Papa Jim Wife?

Most fans did not take the post seriously as Jim had been in a hoax sometime ago which stated that he had died with Youtuber Danny Duncan playing along, however, Danny himself ended the rumor after sharing a picture of Jim who was alive and well with the caption”Miss you Papa”.

There have been many times when fans thought Danny and Jim were related but the two were not related at all. Papa Jim is the grandfather of Danny’s close friend David Tomchinsky who is the Executive Assistant /Social Media Manager for Duncan’s brand.

Who is Papa Jim’s Wife?

Pappa Jim was married to his wife Cynthia Davitt at the time of his death. Jim is survived by his children James Davitt, Andrea Freeman, and Alicia Marino. There is not much information about his family except their names.

Fans are still waiting for an official statement from his family concerning his death as they send their condolences and tributes to his family on social media.

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