Papa Jim was a prankster who did everything from skinny dipping to quad biking.

While he appeared to be related to the YouTube sensation, he was actually the grandfather of Duncan’s aide, David Tomchinsky.

According to The Focus, Papa Jim was the victim of a death hoax in 2021, when news of his death surfaced online.

Duncan, who has 6.51 million YouTube subscribers, debunked the rumors by saying that the senior was “alive and well” in an Instagram video

Because his family has not published a statement, it is unknown how the much-loved grandfather died.

Duncan, on the other hand, broke the awful news on Instagram on May 12, 2022.

“Thank you for all the laughs and great memories,” he wrote. Papa Jim, I adore you.

Papa Jim’s fans are devastated by Duncan’s post. Many others thanked the latter for never-ending laughter and amusement.

“Rest easy, Papa Jim,” one person tweeted. I’m going to miss you terribly. Many young people were motivated by you. You’ll always be Papa Jim to us. Take it easy. BummmmMummmBummm………”

“I received sad news today that Papa Jim had passed away; my thoughts go out to @DannyDuncan69 and his family.”

Everyone in the room was brightened by his smile. Another heartbroken admirer shared, “A legend has passed away, we will always love you PJ.”

“Papa Jim was out here living his best life,” said another tweet. Pour him a can of coke.”

Papa Jim Funeral Service Photos And Videos

Papa Jim’s death was announced on 12 May 2022. Papa Jim’s family has requested seclusion and has yet to issue a comment. The family is yet to release a statement about his burial and funeral service.


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