Prankster Papa Jim, who turned 92 in December, used to appear in Duncan’s videos and participate in a variety of dangerous sports, including skinny bathing and quad biking. Under Duncan’s tweet, tens of thousands of people paid respect to the internet celebrity.

Papa Jim whose death and personality have created much attention was sometimes known as everyone’s favorite grandfather. He was known to be a frequent guest on YouTube on Danny Duncan’s channel sensation.

Duncan, who has 6.51 million YouTube subscribers, debunked the rumors by saying that the senior was “alive and well” in an Instagram video. Jim Davitt is Papa Jim’s real name.

David Tomchinsky, an Executive Assistant/Social Media Manager for Duncan’s brand, is the grandfather of the YouTuber’s close friend Papa Jim.

He was the kind who will do anything from skinny dipping to quad biking on Duncan’s channel. There were hovering concerns as to the fact that he was related to the YouTuber Duncan until the discovery came that he was the grandad of Duncan’s assistant, David Tomchinsky.

Papa Jim
Papa Jim

Who Are Papa Jim’s Children?

Papa Jim had children before his passing away. He is blessed with three children. They are called; Alicia Marino, Andrea Freeman, and James Davitt III.

How Many Children Does Papa Jim Have?

Papa Jim has three children. A son and two daughters.


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