Is Ralph Ann Alive?

Is Ralph Ann Alive?

Ralph Ann passed away on  February 26, 2022. He was  95 when he passed away.

The Korean American Federation of Los Angeles confirmed Ahn’s death on Monday, as did New Girl star Jake Johnson, who wrote on Instagram, “RIP.” It was a lot of joy to work with her. He said so much with so few words. When he was on set, I was in joy.

Dosan Ahn Chang-ho, a renowned Korean independence activist, was Ahn’s father.

Ahn’s involvement in politics, World War II, and support for the Korean community in Los Angeles were all impacted by his father’s contributions to the Korean independence struggle.

On the 28th of September, 1926, Ahn was born in Los Angeles. Ahn Chang-ho and his wife, who were among the first wave of Korean immigrants in 1902, had him as their youngest child.

They were the first Korean couple to come to the United States from Korea.

After WWII, Ahn was inspired to become an actor by his older brother, Philip Ahn, one of the first Asian American actors.

Battle Circus (1953), in which he played a Korean prisoner, was his film debut. Later the same year, he starred in Mission Over Korea, and the following year, he had tiny appearances in Prisoner of War (starring Ronald Reagan) and The Bamboo Prison.

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