At least four Ukrainians have been killed in the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr were hit by a Russian cruise missile apparently aimed at a nearby airbase.

Anton Gerashchenko, the adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister, said on his Telegram channel the residential buildings near the base of the 95th Airborne Brigade in Zhytomyr, 120 km west of the capital Kyiv, had been set on fire,

“So far, four people have died. Including a child,” he said.

Moscow cautioned inhabitants of the capital Kyiv on Tuesday to escape their homes and came down rockets on Ukraine’s subsequent city, Kharkiv, as Russian leaders heightened their barrage of metropolitan regions in a shift of strategies after their six-day attack slowed down.

Ukrainian Health Minister Viktor Lyashko composed on his Facebook page that Russian powers had killed a pediatric anesthesiologist, terminating her vehicle as she was driving her injured nephew to the medical clinic from the town of Kukhari, in the Kyiv area.

Ukraine’s protection service said a sum of 16 high-accuracy-directed rockets had been terminated on Monday inside an hour at neighborhoods of Kharkiv from an essential plane flying over Russia’s Belgorod locale.


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