Following Putin’s declaration of a “special military operation” in Ukraine, Russia launched a full-scale war against the country. After massing Russian forces along the Ukrainian border and declaring the independence of two Ukrainian regions, Putin is largely believed to have sought a justification to invade.

In a video address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that 137 Ukrainian servicemen and civilians had been killed as of early Friday. It was expected that number to climb.

A senior US defense source said Thursday that the Russian onslaught appeared to be the start of a “large-scale invasion” aimed at destroying Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital.

“They’re making a move on Kyiv,” the official said, adding, “it’s our view that they have every intention of effectively decapitating the government.”

International observers were concerned that the violence could spread beyond Ukraine’s borders and into a wider European conflict.

While some detractors claim that President Trump will worsen the global disarray, Republicans argue that Biden’s perceived weakness in the international arena has prompted antagonism from America’s friends.

China Blames The U.S

As Russian missiles sailed through the skies above Ukraine on Thursday, world leaders condemned an invasion expanding across the country, China declined to criticize Russia explicitly, instead of blaming the US and its allies.

Hua Chunying, China’s Assistant Foreign Minister, was quick to blame the US, claiming that Washington was a “culprit” for “fanning up fires” in response to US warnings of an impending invasion in recent weeks.

But on the U.S response to this, Biden stated clearly some hours ago that Russian alone is to be held responsible. “Russia alone is responsible for the death and destruction this attack will bring, and the United States and its Allies and partners will respond in a united and decisive way. The world will hold Russia accountable.” He declared.


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