Rihanna is a billionaire and according to Forbes, she is worth $1.7 billion. Her net worth comes not only from her music/ song sales but her venture into fashion as well. Forbes asserted that 50% of her shares in the Fenty Beauty Cosmetics line is responsible for putting her on that pedestal of being the first female billionaire in the World.

The rest of her wealth comes from her share of the Savage x Fenty lingerie company as well as music and acting. This makes Rihanna the first billionaire from Barbados, Forbes stated.

Rihanna the billionaire at an event

 Brief History

The rise of Rihanna to the echelon of a billionaire was not achieved overnight. She was born on February 20 1988 in Barbados to a warehouse supervisor and an accountant. She was not born with a silver spoon as she had to struggle her way through.

At an early age, Rihanna suffered a series of headaches,  at a point in time doctors perceived her to be with a brain tumor but found it was not so.  To top it up her father suffered from substance abuse and her parents also had marital issues leading to their divorce when she was 14.

Her only escape from this was to indulge in music. When Rihanna was 15, she formed a girl group with 2 of her classmates which earned them a spot to audition before music producer Evan Rodgers when he visited her home country. Fast forward, Rihanna was asked to relocate to America and reside with Rodgers where she learned extensively about music.

In the year 2005, she released her first-ever single Pon de Replay which earned her top spots in music charts across the globe and has been the up way ever since then.

So yes, Rihanna is a billionaire with a net worth of over $1.7 billion


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