Is Rihanna’s Baby a Boy or Girl?

Singer Rihanna is now a mother. Her first child with A$AP Rocky, a newborn boy, has been born. Rihanna gave birth to a newborn boy in Los Angeles.


A report says, “They have not left each other’s side.” “They are in a state of ecstasy. Momming has been on her bucket list for years. This young boy is going to look dapper in all of his baby clothes.”

A$AP and Rihanna intend to fly to New York to meet A$family AP’s and Rihanna’s family from Barbados to meet their son, according to a source.

First reported by TMZ, Rihanna gave birth on May 13 in Los Angeles, according the gossip site.

When Rihanna and A$AP were spotted strolling through A$native AP’s Harlem, New York, in January, they decided to announce their pregnancy.

Smiling and cuddling with the 33-year-old rapper, the singer showed off her baby bump in an open pink coat, while accessorizing her belly with jewelry.

As of that time, it was widely reported that the couple was overjoyed to be welcoming a new member into their family and that having a child together had made that bond even stronger.


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