Where Did Rihanna Had Her Baby?


Where Did Rihanna Had Her Baby?

According to TMZ, singer Rihanna and boyfriend A$AP Rocky welcomed a son on May 13 in Los Angeles. The family has yet to reveal the identity of their newborn son.

The couple had been friends for years before they decided to be married in 2020 and have their first child.

Over the duration of her pregnancy, Rihanna has spoken openly about her aspirations and expectations for motherhood.

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna In January 2022, when famous photographer Miles Diggs photographed the singer-pregnant songwriter’s bump, Rocky confirmed that they were expecting their first child.

Photographs of her show her with an open-necked pink puffer jacket with multiple necklaces around her tummy. A$AP Rocky was also seen holding Rihanna from behind, his hands visible in the photograph.

When Rihanna announced that she was pregnant, she made headlines by wearing diamond chains over her stomach and by donning blouses with cuts in the right places.

As her pregnancy progresses, she’s blended her increasing belly into an ever-expanding number of stunning outfits.

Since learning she was expecting her first child, Rihanna has been honest with Vogue magazine about her enthusiasm and anxiety about being a mother, saying she’s worried about postpartum depression.

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