Isaiah Jones is known to be an American professional boxer who was known to have been reportedly shot dead. According to the reports, his murder was aligned with a family dispute with one member of his family which might have escalated. Boxer Isaiah Jones was known to have passed away at the age of 28 years old.

Before he passed away, Isaiah Jones was said to have been trained by one Roshawn Jones. However his trainer wasn’t related to him in any way, just work stuff. His personal trainer spoke on the sudden demise of his prodigy that Isaiah had been going through some form of altercation with his brother before the incident.

The Detroit Police authorities who are the jurisdiction occurrence authorities have not come into any conclusions regarding whether Isaiah was really murdered or not. However, they were fed with the development that a young man in the person of Isaiah Jones a 28 year old man. The incident was said to have occurred on the 9300 block of Stout Street. Isaiah Jones will forever be remembered.

Does Boxer Isaiah Jones Have Any Kids?

Many people do not believe that Isaiah Jones did not have children when he passed away.


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