Ivana Trump was a Czech-American businesswoman, media personality, fashion designer, author, and former model as well as the ex-wife of former US President Donald Trump.

In the 1970s, she called Canada home before making the move to the United States, where she met and married Donald Trump the following year.

Ivana Trump Children
Ivana Trump Children

He was the vice president of interior design at The Trump Organization, as well as the CEO and president of Trump’s Castle Casino Resort, and he was the manager of the Plaza Hotel. All of these jobs were considered crucial managerial positions.

The divorce between Ivana and Donald Trump, which was formalized in 1992, was a topic of intense discussion in the media throughout the 1990s.

After she and her husband separated, she began designing her own lines of clothing, fashion jewelry, and beauty items, which she eventually began selling on QVC London and the Home Shopping Network.

Ivana has produced a number of books, some of which are works of fiction, some of which are self-help books, and one of which is an autobiography. From 1995 until 2010, she penned a column for Globe titled “Ask Ivana.”

Ivana Trump Children: Meet Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump

The late Ivana Trump was survived by her three children who are Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and Eric Trump.

Ivana Trump

The Office of Economic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship was headed by her as a senior counselor in his administration. She converted to Judaism before marrying Jared Kushner, the son of Trump’s first wife, Ivana, and the first Jewish member of a first family.

A member of the Trump family, she was an executive vice president of the company. For her father’s TV show, The Apprentice, she served as a judge in the boardroom.

For the first time since March 2017, Trump has taken a position in her father’s administration as a senior adviser alongside Jared Kushner.

Donald Trump Jr.

President Donald Trump and his first wife, businesswoman Ivana Trump, had him as their eldest child. With his younger brother, Eric, Trump serves as an executive vice president and trustee of The Trump Organization.

Despite a promise not to do so, the brothers continued to do business and invest in foreign countries while their father was president. They also collected payments in their U.S. properties from foreign governments.

His father’s television show, The Apprentice, included a boardroom judge role in which Trump served.

Eric Trump

While Donald Jr. runs Trump Organization as a trustee, Eric serves as executive vice president alongside him.

While working on his father’s television show, The Apprentice, he also acted as a boardroom judge.

Despite pledging not to do so when their father was president, the Bush brothers made new assets abroad and collected payments in their U.S. properties from foreign governments.


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