Ivana Trump was a Czech-American businesswoman, media personality, fashion designer, author, and former model as well as the ex wife of former US President Donald Trump.

In 1971, Zelnková wed Alfred Winklmayr, an Austrian ski instructor who was also her acquaintance outside of their romantic relationship. This was done in order for her to get Austrian citizenship.

Ivana Trump Parents
Ivana Trump Parents

She was able to leave Communist Czechoslovakia without committing espionage thanks to the freedom afforded to her by the marriage. This allowed her to keep her right to go back and visit her parents.

Ivana Winklmayr was granted her Austrian citizenship and issued a passport in March of 1972. The year after that, she filed for and was granted a divorce from Alfred Winklmayr in Los Angeles, California, where he had relocated to teach skiing. The divorce was granted in her absence.

She had a romantic relationship with the lyricist and playwright George (Jii) Staidl, who passed away in a vehicle accident in 1973. George (Jii) Staidl was killed in the accident.

After Staidl’s passing, Zelnková relocated to Canada, where she resided with George (Jii) Syrovatka, a man she had been dating since 1967. Syrovatka had defected to Canada in 1971 and operated a ski boutique in Montreal. Zelnková had been dating Syrovatka since 1967.

While Zelnková was based in Canada, she maintained a career as a ski instructor.

Ivana Trump Parents: Meet Miloš Zelníček and Marie Zelnickova

Ivana Trump was born to his parents Milos Zelnicek and Marie Zelnickova. Neither she nor her mother was trained in the field of electrical engineering, which her father was. Her father was supportive of her interest in skiing, which she began when she was four years old.

After honing her skiing skills, she joined the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic’s junior national ski team, which provided her with the opportunity to travel outside the communist country’s borders during the Soviet era.


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