Jack Ging, a well-known character actor who acted in three films with Clint Eastwood and made appearances on Tales of Wells Fargo, Mannix, Riptide, and The A-Team, has passed away. He was 90.

According to his wife Apache Ging, Ging passed away on Friday at his home in La Quinta, California, from natural causes.

Jack Ging

Ging came from a farming family outside of Alva, Oklahoma. His grandfather took part in the Cherokee Strip Land Run of 1893 with both sets of their grandparents.

His parents separated when he was a little child, and his mother started working as a “Harvey Girl.” He lived with relatives despite the fact that his mother had custody of him due to her unpredictable waitressing schedule.

In one of his few leading roles, Ging portrayed the love interest of Diane Baker’s character in the 1960 version of Tess of the Storm Country, a soldier and reluctant hero in the drama Sniper’s Ridge (1961), and a clinical psychiatrist in the NBC medical drama The Eleventh Hour from 1962 to 1964.

Marshal Anders was portrayed by Jack Ging in Little House on the Prairie. Jack Ging and Robert Tessier make cameos in Survival, episode 22 of Little House the Prairie season 1.

Charles must assist his family in surviving a devastating blizzard that befalls the Ingalls family while they are on vacation!

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