One of Ghana’s most beloved celebrities is Jackie Appiah. She was born in Toronto, Canada, but moved back to Ghana when she was 10 years old. At the age of 12, she started acting.

She eventually developed the desire to pursue acting as a career, and as a result, she rose to fame.

She has starred in a number of delicious romantic comedies, but her marriage shows that there is a big difference between who she is in real life and the characters and roles she plays on screen.

After divorcing her then-husband Peter Agyemang, the Canadian-born Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah entered the list of failed celebrity marriages. She persevered and made the marriage work for a while before giving up.

Jackie Appiah
Jackie Appiah

Is Jackie Appiah Married?

Jackie Appiah has been married once. At the moment, Jackie Appiah is divorced.

Jackie Appiah prefers to keep details of her personal life out of the media, thus little is known about how she met Peter Agyemang, her first husband, or how they became engaged.

Before they got married, all that is known is that she dated him for a short while.

In 2005, Jackie Appiah married Peter Agyemang in a fairly understated ceremony. Up until she became pregnant with her first kid, hardly one paid much attention to the marriage.

Because both partners refused to discuss their divorce, any media investigation into what prompted the breakup was fruitless.

It was especially exciting because they appeared to be in love at first sight. Contrary to popular belief, most unhappy endings in marriage have joyful beginnings.

But there were rumors that Peter was violent and had an unusual personality. At the time, some newspapers stated that he physically abused Jackie, which has since been taken off.

When it came to Jackie and the media, Peter called them all liars for their claims. Dissolution of marriage was inevitable, and they needed the time to recuperate from the trauma of being in an unhappy relationship.

In 2012, their divorce was formalized, and Jackie was granted custody of their lone son.


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