James Paxton is a known name in American baseball. He is a Canadian who plays professional baseball for the Boston Red Sox baseball team as their pitcher.
James is an old student of Delta Secondary School in Ladner, British Columbia. In high school, he played for the North Delta Blue Jays baseball team. For his college education and career, he went to the University of Kentucky and he played college baseball for the Kentucky Wildcats baseball.
Through his skills and style of play, the Major League Baseball (MLB) scouts took notice of him and considered him a possible first-round draft pick. The Toronto Blue Jays team drafted him during the first round of the 37th overall draft of the 2009 Major League Baseball Draft.
During the fourth round of the 2010 MLB draft, the Seattle Mariners drafted and signed him into their team in March 2011. He made his MLB debut in September 2013 for the Mariners. He began the 2014 season in the Mariners rotation, but unfortunately, he got injured after his first start of the season so he was placed on the team’s disabled list.
In November 2018,  James was traded by the Mariners to the New York Yankees team. After more than two years of being with the Yankees, the Mariners took him back again in February 2021 and signed a one-year contract worth $8.5 million with him.
When the contract expired, James got fortunate again to sign a $10 million contract with the Boston Red Sox that included a two-year club option.

James Paxton Age: How old is James Paxton?

James Paxton was born November 6, 1988, to Ted and Barbara Paxton at Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. He is 33 years.

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