Jeena Ostapenko, who comes from Latvia, is a professional tennis player who also goes by the name Aona Ostapenko.

She attained a career-high of world No. 5 in singles competition on March 19, 2018, and world No. 17 in doubles competition on March 2, 2020. Both of these rankings were earned through the WTA.

Ostapenko is the first player from Latvia to win a Grand Slam singles tournament. She also became the first player without a seed to win the French Open since 1933.

Jeļena Ostapenko
Jeļena Ostapenko

Ostapenko won the singles competition at the 2017 French Open. In addition to her success in singles competition, she has also competed for Latvia on the national Fed Cup team.

On the ITF Women’s Circuit, she has won seven singles titles and eight doubles titles. Additionally, she won the junior singles competition at the 2014 Wimbledon Championships.

Ostapenko was born in Riga, Latvia, to Jevgnijs Ostapenko  a former player from Ukraine, and Jeena Jakoveva. In the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia, where Jeena’s grandmother resides, Jevgnijs played professional football for FC Metalurh Zaporizhya.

One of Jeena’s half-brothers, Maksim, resides in the USA. Her mother introduced her to tennis when she was five years old, and she grew up idolizing Serena Williams.

She began dancing at that age as well, later competing in the National Latvian Ballroom Dancing Championships.

She chose to concentrate on tennis when she was 12 years old, although she attributes her excellent coordination and deft footwork to her years of dancing. She is trilingual—Russian, English, and Latvian.

How old is Jeļena Ostapenko?

Jeļena Ostapenko is 25 years old. She was born on June 8, 1997.


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